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Like a reminder of the resurgent hype of the 1970s, the façade surprises with a collage of different Polaroid formats. However, the content of the individual images is not street photography from NY in the 1970s, but stills from the current start-up scene in Berlin.



Our first high-rise in a wood-hybrid construction method is currently being built in Berlin. In terms of consistent sustainability, with the  Spark we go a clear step further than the obligatory DGNB gold certification.


Cologne-Bonn Airport

Transfer gear T1-T2

The new connecting corridor project is planned between Terminal 2 and Terminal 1 / C-Stern. Der Neubau dient „Schengen“- Passagieren  als Transfergang  zwischen Terminal 2 und dem C-Stern auf der airfield side. The 172m long and 4.5m wide corridor is equipped with a fully glazed facade on both sides. Different field widths and differently colored glasses serve to prevent the shining effect of long corridors and to accompany the passengers in an entertaining way on the long journey.


Technip  Headquarter 

The shifting and interlinking white bands of the facade convey the claim and development dynamics of the French high-tech company from afar. The numerous international customers and guests are welcomed by an exciting break in the façade above the spacious entrance hall. The new Technip head office rests on a flexibly usable, linear campus area.


I_u Theodorstrasse

The Iu looks like a sculpture on one of the most important infrastructure lines in the city of Düsseldorf. A calm façade structure clads the ensemble of two 7-storey blocks and a 15-storey high-rise. The I_u is a prime example of the sustainable flexibility of the freely combinable floor plan modules.


ice rink


The ensemble of buildings on the approx. 9,000 square meter site on Kappeler Straße is characterized by the monolithic hall structure. This houses the 60/30m large ice surface, which is used for public ice skating, school sports, figure skating and ice hockey for hobby teams. The one-storey hall offers visitors standing and seating areas as well as a gastronomic offer between the ice surface and the outdoor areas.


The nested cubes are reminiscent of an ice shelf breaking off with its iridescent light refractions in the blue color spectrum. Technically, the facade realizes this with a cast glass facade, deeper colored areas and subtle lighting.



The Heinsberger Höfe immediately catch the eye. Clear lines and harmonious proportions show contemporary and sustainable architecture. The precise and clear language of form continues into the quiet inner courtyards. As the new center of Heinsberg's city centre, the Heinsberger Höfe offer a successful mix of different types of apartments. Young families, seniors and singles will find a contemporary home here. The offer is supplemented by the attractive commercial areas on the ground floor and first floor. 

The facade concept of the new residential and commercial building on Hochstrasse shows an elegant and exciting interplay of slightly offset vertical elements within a light plaster facade. Tall display windows accompany the visitor to the covered entrance to the retail area.


Tuttlingen courtyards

With the Tuttlingen courtyards, a new living environment is being created right in the heart of Tuttlingen. With an open and urban architecture of point buildings on a green carpet, a new modern city quarter is being created here. The facades are characterized by an exciting alternation of window sizes and positions. This individuality, which is already visible from the outside, continues in the diverse floor plan configurations.



Moeller Group site

The new administration building of the Möller Group is the first address and visiting card of the Möller Group and occupies the starting point of the historical axis Am Kupferhammer. Like a windmill, the four modules circumscribe an intimate and secure courtyard that offers employees and guests space for conversation. A spacious foyer with adjoining conference area ensures the creative output of the company.


Prague Courtyards and Charly's House

In terms of urban development, the Prager Höfe played successfully with the synergies of hotel and residential use. 44 residential units close the existing block in the direction of Prager Strasse and, together with the new district square, are shielded from the noise emissions of Prager Strasse by the 8-storey hotel. The facades were developed in close cooperation with the Leipzig design committee. 


Econovation Center

Competition 1st prize

The new Econovation Center will be the new calling card for the Bielefeld location, simply because of its central location at the entrance to the Kupferhammer. The Econovation Center must take into account the existing structures and future developments (master plan).


In terms of urban planning, the existing location is a campus-like structure that spreads out over the area and even includes large landscaped green spaces. This open campus should also be reflected in the future master plan, as it shows the quality as a positive unique selling point, which high inner-city densifications cannot offer.


Living in Neumarkt

and Charlie's House

The new business hotel of the new -Charlys House- hotel chain is in the best inner city location. As part of a block-forming overall ensemble, the hotel is combined with high-quality residential use. Ground floor gastronomy areas round off the urban offer. Various room configurations through to long-stay areas on the penthouse level cover the entire range of current hotel developments.

The hotel is supplemented by a residential block on the square side with 27 residential units 



The new Düsseldorf Frame Office impresses with its complex façade made of differently coated sheet metal elements. The basic aesthetic idea is that of a picture frame with a matching passe-partout. The frames divide the building shell into optical units, in each of which a passe-partout with a different cut encloses the windows. This is how an intelligent interplay of order and variety is achieved.


B39    Living & working

A new commercial building was erected in a prominent location to complement the Tuttlingen courtyards. The new property is located directly on one of the most important shopping streets in Tuttlingen, which acts as an extension of the pedestrian zone, but at the same time represents the entrance to the Tuttlingen courtyards. 


Logistic Center CC

The new building for a goods distribution center for the company "Cretschmar" is located in the south of Düsseldorf. The new goods handling center with office meets the demand for qualitative capacities. The 1,500 square meter building with its 36 gates and three transfer ramps can be accessed around the clock for local and long-distance traffic with trucks and "sprinters" and is designed for a Germany-wide delivery area. The functional claim is followed by the clear architectural language in concrete sandwich and iso-panel construction.

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