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K6 International

Our performance profile

The scope of our services is project-specific and adapted according to service phases - from the assignment of individual specialist engineers to complete planning teams. Central aspects are organisation, coordination and documentation, qualities and quantities, costs and accounting, deadlines and capacities, contracts and insurance.


Benefits for builders


• Significantly less administrative effort thanks to a single contract and contact person

• There is no liability risk for the interface coordination

• Selection of a qualified planning team based on our extensive network

• Takeover of original client tasks in the areas of quality, costs, deadlines and contracts

• The client does not have to agree on details

• As the general planner, we guarantee a building of outstanding architectural quality that is on schedule and on budget. 


Claus Kaiser

Wojtek Grabianowski

Christian Steinwachs

Michael Kohnen


K6 International

Heinrichstrasse 155

40239 Dusseldorf

T.   +49 (0) 211 / 966677-0

F.   +49 (0) 211 / 966677-16

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